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James Acree                             "Minnie" Sachse
Taken 1895 at age 21                    Taken 1906 at age 18

Photos from Mary (Acree) Murphy
James Walter Acree,
youngest of four, was born in 1874 and raised on a farm, practically on the Tennessee-Kentucky border. He was reared largely by an uncle because of the death in 1884 of his mother and the ill-health of his father, a much wounded Civil War veteran. In adulthood, he joined his brothers in becoming an insurance salesman - travelling in the mid-West before settling in McAlester, Oklahoma, in 1915. His first wife died, leaving him with a son. Eventually, he married Minnie Sachse, and together they raised five children in Oklahoma. He died there in 1953.

Wilhelmina Emilie Caroline Sachse,
known as Minnie, was born in 1888 in St. Louis. Of German heritage, she was one of the thirteen children of what must have been a "bustling" family. Her father was a carpenter. She married James Acree in 1912, and three years later they moved to McAlester, Oklahoma, where she and James raised their five children. Although life was often hard there - she with her family survived the Depression and the great Dust Bowl - she remained grounded and forward looking. She derived great strength and comfort from her church - the Central Christian Church, where she was a member for the rest of her life - dying in McAlester in 1962.
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506 West Grand Ave., McAlester, Oklahoma


Photo from Charles L. Acree, Sr.


1874James was born in the "Seg" (Dotsonville area), near Clarksville, in Montgomery Co., Tennessee, probably at his parents' farm, as the youngest of four children.
1884James' mother died in Montgomery Co. His father re-married five years later.
1888Minnie was born in St. Louis, Missouri, as the eldest of twelve surviving children.
1895James married Fannie Irby Martin, his first wife, in Clarksville.
1896James' and Fannie's first son, John Thomas II, was born in Montgomery Co.
c1898James and Fannie moved to Cairo, Illinois, where he began to work as a salesman for his brother Tom's insurance business.
c1901James and Fannie moved to Paducah, Kentucky.
1902James' and Fannie's second son, James William, was born in Paducah, but died four months later in early 1903.
1909Fannie died in Paducah.
c1910James moved to St. Louis, Missouri.
1910Minnie was living with her parents and working as an office time keeper.
1911James' father died in Montgomery Co., followed soon by his second wife.
1912James married Minnie, his second wife, in St. Louis. They lived at 5244 Maffitt Ave, a few blocks from his brother Tom's home.
1912Their first son, David Frederick, died at childbirth.
1913Their second son, Charles Louis, was born at home.
1915Their third son, Robert William, was born. Two months later, they moved to McAlester, Pittsburg Co., Oklahoma, where James continued to work for his brother.
1917Their only daughter, Mary Lucille, was born.
1920Their fourth son, Joseph Daniel, was born.
c1930They moved from 6th and Polk to 506 West Grand Ave.
1930James, by this time, had ceased selling insurance and was working at a concession stand at the county courthouse, while Minnie was working in a Cafeteria.
1936Minnie's father died in St. Louis.
c1944James retired, due to poor health.
1953James died at a hospital in Nowata, Oklahoma, at age 78.
1957Minnie's mother died in Memphis, Tennessee.
1962Minnie died of leukemia, at age 74, in McAlester.


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