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Guy Hoover                             "Jennie" Ogden
Taken 1906 at age 24                   Taken c1904 at age 19

Photos from Barbara (Hoover) Vogel
Charles Guy Hoover, Sr.
was born in Indiana in 1882 and raised as an only child on his parents' farm. He undoubtedly showed an early interest and talent for music, which became his life's career. He studied music at universities in Indiana, Ohio, Illinois, New York and Berlin, Germany. He married Myrtle Ogden in 1906 and together they raised six children. His early career, which focused on establishing music departments in universities, took him from the mid-West to Tucson, Arizona, and back to Pittsburg, Kansas, before moving to Chicago in 1914. He founded the highly-regarded Educational Music Bureau there - right in the Loop. He died in Chicago in 1945 - a time when he was most interested in the war news on the radio - his two sons and one son-in-law were in it.

Myrtle Jane Ogden,
known in her youth as Jennie, was born in central Kansas in 1885, the youngest of six sisters, at the homestead of her parents and grandparents. Her childhood seems to have been not an easy one. After moving to Indiana, her mother became sick and died - but not before finding homes for all of her daughters. She knew that their father planned to move to Alabama, re-marry, and start another family - leaving his daughters to whatever fate awaited - which he proceeded to do. (Click here for fuller account and photo of the Ogden sisters as adults.) Jennie was then nine years old and lucky in that her foster family treated her like one of their own. She remained in contact with them until they died. In 1906 she married Guy Hoover and, after living a few years in southern Arizona and eastern Kansas, they settled permanently in Chicago in 1914, where they raised six children. She died there in 1951.
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6541 Lafayette Ave., Chicago, Illinois


Photo from Barbara (Hoover) Vogel


1882Guy was born in "Pleasant Hill," near Macy, Miami Co., Indiana, probably at his parents' farm, as their only child.
1885Myrtle was born near Nekoma, Rush Co., Kansas, probably at her parents' homestead, as the youngest of six daughters.
1887Myrtle moved with her family to Fulton Co., Indiana (adjacent to Miami Co.).
1895Myrtle's mother died of tuberculosis and her father moved away. She became the foster child of neighbors, Israel and Elizabeth Keim, who had three sons, then aged 23, 22 and 19 - their two daughters having died young.
1900Myrtle graduated with honors from elementary school in Fulton Co. Guy served as a census enumerator for that county.
1901Guy graduated from Rochester Normal University and briefly worked as an assistant instructor there.
1901-1902Guy attended Cincinnati College of Music in Ohio and supervised music instruction in the Eaton Public Schools.
1902Guy studied public-school music instruction at Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois.
1903-1904Guy received a high school teacher's license and headed the Vocal and Public School Music Departments at Rochester College in Indiana.
1904Myrtle graduated from Rochester Twp. High School in Fulton Co.
1906Guy took a summer course at the New School of Methods (public school music) in Chicago, Illinois. In August Guy and Myrtle were married at the Hoover home at Pleasant Hill.
1906-1908They moved to Tucson, where Guy was Director of Music at the University of Arizona for two academic years. In 1907 Myrtle went to Pleasant Hill for the birth of their first daughter, Melicent Alycia, both of them rejoining Guy afterward.
1908Guy took another summer course at the New School of Methods and then attended summer school at the Institute for Musical Art at New York University.
1908-1909In the fall, Guy went to Berlin, Germany, to study for an academic year at the Stern Conservatory. Myrtle and their baby remained at Pleasant Hill.
1909-1914They moved to Pittsburg, Crawford Co., Kansas, where, for five academic years, Guy was the first Director of Music at the Kansas State Manual Training Normal School (now Pittsburg State University). His students presented operas in several Kansas towns and Guy sang first tenor in concerts in Missouri. They lived at 314 West 1st Street.
1910Guy compiled and edited The Assembly Hymn and Song Collection, first published in 1912.
1911Their first son, Maurice Ogden, was born at home. Guy's parents visited the family in Kansas and apparently stayed for two years.
1913Their second daughter, Jacqueline Mahrea, was born at home.
1914Guy and Myrtle moved their family to 6948 Powell Ave. on the south side of Chicago.
1916Guy founded the Educational Music Bureau, a nation-wide distributor of printed music to educational institutions, located eventually at 434 S. Wabash Ave.
1917Guy's father visited his son's family in Chicago shortly before his death. Guy's mother soon moved in with the family, who relocated to 7155 Lafayette Ave.
1918Their third daughter, Marcella Jean, was born at home.
1919Guy received a Doctor of Music degree from Northern Illinois University in Chicago.
1921Their second son, Charles Guy, Jr., was born at a Chicago hospital. The family moved up the street to a larger house at 6541 Lafayette Ave.
1923Myrtle's foster father, Israel Keim (born in 1839), died in Fulton, Co.
1927Their fourth daughter and last child, Carol Ann, was born at a Chicago hospital.
1929Myrtle's father died in Alabama, where he had raised his second family.
1932Myrtle's foster mother, Elizabeth (Cook) Keim (born in 1847), died in Fulton Co.
1934Guy's mother died in Chicago, having lived with her son's family for nearly 17 years.
1936Guy appeared in the latest edition of Who's Who in Chicago and Vicinity.
1941-1944Guy took flying lessons, interrupted for two years during the War, and first flew solo in late November 1944, three months before he died.
1945Guy died of stroke in Chicago, at age 63, before allied victory in World War II.
1951Myrtle died of cancer in Chicago, at age 66.


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