Most Acree lineages dating from the colonial era in America show descent from the following seven 18th-century progenitors. The first five were presumed sons of William Acree (c1710-c1767) of Hanover Co., Virginia. The latter two were unrelated to them and to each other.

The animated map below shows where the above men lived, moved and, in three cases, died - in decade "snapshots" from 1750-1800. (Jacob Acra stayed in Virginia.)

animated map


These progenitors had the following sons:

John AcreeJoshua AcreeAbraham AcreeIsaac AcreeWilliam Acree 1William Acree 2Jacob Acra
willwillBible recordwillwillPension recordChurch record
Edward*William*John*Isaac Jr.William Jr.John*John
John Jr.*Joshua Jr.James*Joshua*ShearinWilliam Jr.*William

* Known to have surviving male Acree lines


Several of the sons and most grandsons moved west and south during the early decades of the 19th century, following the American Revolution. They usually settled near their siblings and first cousins in geographic clusters, as shown below.

  • Descendents of John moved into northwest Tennessee.
  • Descendants of Joshua moved into southwest Tennessee and southern Kentucky.
  • Descendants of Abraham moved into east Tennessee.
  • Descendants of Isaac stayed in the North Carolina/Virginia border area.
  • Descendants of William 1 moved into Georgia and Alabama.
  • Descendants of William 2 moved into southern Kentucky.
  • Descendants of Jacob Acra remained in Virginia.

The most prolific clusters appear to have been those of:

  1. John's great-grandson, Edward C. Acree (1808-1845) in Stewart Co., TN
  2. John's grandson, Nathaniel B. Acree (1811-1891) in Stewart Co., TN
  3. John's grandson, Joab C. Acree (1799-1885) in Montgomery Co., TN
  4. John's great-grandson, John H. Acree (1817-c1900) in Bertie Co., NC
  5. Joshua's son, John Acree, Sr. (c1770-c1845) in Pulaski Co., KY
  6. Joshua's grandson, Beverly D. Acree (c1792-1844) in Madison Co., TN
  7. Joshua's great-grandson, Thomas O. Acree (1801-1877) in Bedford Co., VA
  8. Abraham's grandson, John W. Acree, Sr. (c1800-c1865) in Rhea Co., TN
  9. Abraham's grandson, Matthew Y. Acree (1796-1878) in Sullivan Co., TN
  10. Abraham's grandson, Ambrose Acree c1788-1867) in King William Co., VA
  11. Isaac's grandson, James Acree (c1809-c1860) in Warren Co., NC & Brunswick Co., VA
  12. William 1's grandson, Nathaniel Acree (1786-1875) in Lowndes Co., AL
  13. William 1's grandson, Lewis Acree (1783-1844) in Jackson Co., WV
  14. William 1's great-grandson, Albin A. Acree(1826-1898) in Gordon Co., GA
  15. William 1's great-grandson, Allen Acree (c1800-1877) in Banks Co., GA
  16. William 1's great-grandson, Abner D. Acree (c1802-1869) in Meriwether Co., GA
  17. William 1's great-grandson, Wylie W. Acree (1827-1911) in Muscogee Co., GA
  18. William 2's grandson, Green B. Acree (c1816-c1900) in Adair Co., KY
  19. William 2's grandson, Denton L. Acree (1815-1867) in Clinton Co., KY
  20. Jacob's son, Thomas Acra (c1750-c1808) in Gloucester Co., VA
  21. William 1's presumed great-great grandson, Samuel Acree (c1827-1895) in Polk Co., FL

An Acree descendant today may usefully estimate the identity of his line's early progenitor by defining where his early 19th-century Acree ancestors chose to live.

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