Our Acree Surname DNA Project has succeeded in developing a definitive, inexpensive, Y-Chromosome "SNP" test that an Acree male can take privately to determine if he descends paternally from one of the major Acree progenitors who lived in early 18th-century America. It is conducted by the YSEQ testing firm, which is based in the U.S. but has its laboratory in Germany.

Only males having the Acree surname (or a variant such as Acre, Acrey, Akrie and Acrea) will receive relevant test results. However, Acree females may order a test kit to be sent to their Acree brothers, fathers, grandfathers, uncles, male cousins, husbands or sons.

To order a self-administered test:

A test costs about $20 including handling. You can pay with a credit card or PayPal. YSEQ will mail a test kit. A few weeks after you (or your male surrogate) returns it with a saliva sample, YSEQ will notify you that it has posted your test result on its website - anonymously by account number. You will be able to access those results at any time by signing in to your account with your password.

If you receive a positive result, your descent will be confirmed. In the case of progenitor William Acree of Virginia, your positive result will be A+ for A2156. In the case of progenitor William Acree of Maryland, your positive result will be G+ for A9516.

While this testing can be accomplished entirely on your own, without first joining our Acree Project or notifying me (Charles Acree), its administrator, to receive added guidance or genealogical assistance, I hope that if you receive a positive result you will join our Project, where you will remain anonymous. We would like to congratulate and welcome you.

To join us at any time, click on the "Group browser" option under "My Groups" in the middle of the screen at YSEQ. Find our Acree Surname group - number 84 on the resulting list and click on the word "join" next to it. That will permit me to view your results and assure that you have interpreted them correctly. It will allow you, as a participant, to view the results of other participants who have tested at YSEQ. They, too, are are identified only by number there and within our Project itself.

After joining, please alert me to your testing outcome via e-mail and tell me your known Acree lineage. If you have a gap in the extension of your known lineage to the forefather from whom you have proven descent, I can probably help you fill that gap, with the benefit of my experience and extensive Acree family file. If you test negative, without success, I may be able to help you find your biological patrilineal forefather, though that will likely require an additional DNA test.

To connect or return to our Project's homepage, click on the following link:

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