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Under Dutch rule, this area was part of New Netherland, which extended to Kingston and Albany, New York, in the north and to central New Jersey in the south.

The city was not yet an entity. Rather, it was composed of neighboring communities: New Amsterdam in lower Manhattan Island, Staten Island, and several settlements on western Long Island - in the present boroughs of Brooklyn and Queens and in what is now Nassau County.

Many of our ancestors (all in the TenEyck and Williamson branches) lived in these communities in the 17th and early 18th centuries, as shown on the enlarged map below, with approximate years of residence - dating from a couple's arrival at a location or marriage there. Some moves are detailed, but complexity has been minimized by focusing on primary residences - usually where most of their children were born.

Cornelis D. Hoochlandt & Aeltje Ariaens (TenEyck branch) - c1638-deaths
Cornelis L. Cool & Aeltje Brackhonge (Williamson branch) - c1635-deaths
Guysbert DeHart & Annetje Wynants (Williamson branch) - c1705-c1711, before NJ
Simon Aerson DeHart & Geertje C. VanderHard (Williamson branch) - c1670-deaths
Frederick Lubbertsen & Styntje Hendrickse (Williamson branch) - c1639-deaths
Teunis Nyssen & Phebe Seales (TenEyck branch) - c1640-deaths
Pieter Jansen Staats & Annetje VanDyke (Williamson branch) - c1659-deaths
Jan Pietersen Staats & Elsje Pieterse (Williamson branch) - c1637-deaths
Joseph Goulder & Neeltje Claessen (Williamson branch) - c1673-his death
William Goulder & Anna Catharyn (lnu) (Williamson branch) - c1644-deaths
Joachim Gulick & Jacomyntje VanPelt (Williamson branch) - c1676-deaths
Hendrick Gulick & Geertruyd J. Willekens (Williamson branch) - c1646-his death
John Lake, Jr. & Neeltje Claessen (Williamson branch) - c1687-deaths
John Lake, Sr. & Anne Spicer (Williamson branch) - c1649-deaths
Thomas Spicer & Anne Michal Grant (Williamson branch) - c1643-deaths, from RI
Daniel Stillwell & Maria Mott (TenEyck branch) - c1678-c1715, before NJ
Nicholas Stillwell II & Anne VanDyke (TenEyck branch) - c1646-c1664, before Staten I.
Willem Willemson, Jr. & Catalyntje Gulick (Williamson branch) - c1698-c1710, before NJ
Willem Willemson, Sr. & Mayken Wyckoff (Williamson branch) - c1676-deaths
Nathaniel Denton, Sr. & Sarah Smith (Williamson branch) - c1652-deaths
Adam Mott & Jane Hulet (TenEyck branch) - c1647-deaths
Dirck DeMott & Styntje Haff (TenEyck branch) - c1709-c1725, before NJ
Jacomiah Denton & Abigail Waters (Williamson branch) - c1712-c1740, before NJ
Samuel Denton & Mary Brush (Williamson branch) - c1676-deaths
William Goulder & Gazenah (lnu) (Williamson branch) - c1710-deaths, from Gravesend
William Smith & Magdalena (lnu) (Williamson branch) - c1650-deaths
Thomas Edward Stevenson & Anne (lnu) (Williamson branch) - c1635-deaths
Anthony Waters, Jr. & Elizabeth Whitehead (Williamson branch) - c1690-his death
Anthony Waters, Sr. & Rachel Rose (Williamson branch) - c1664-deaths
Daniel Whitehead, Jr. & Abigail Stevenson (Williamson branch) - c1672-deaths
Bourgon Broucard & Catherine LeFevre (Williamson branch) - c1676-c1702, before NJ
Herck S. Kronkheyt & Wyntje T. Quick (TenEyck branch) - c1642-deaths
Jacob L. VanderGrift & Rebecca F. Lubbertsen (Williamson branch) - c1671-his death
Hendrick Willson & Annetje Pieterse (Williamson branch) - c1718-c1729, before NJ
Meyndert H. Wiltson & Marie Broucard (Williamson branch) - c1694-his death
Hendrick Wiltsie & Margaret Meyers (Williamson branch) - c1669-deaths, from Kingston
William Gelyamse Cornel & Margarita Polhemius (Williamson branch) - c1661-deaths
Gelyam Cornelise & Cornelia VanNoortwyck (Williamson branch) - c1640-deaths
Petrus Groendyke (Williamson branch) - c1700-death
Laurens Jurianse Haff & Kniertje Meet (TenEyck branch) - c1676-deaths
Swantje Jans (Williamson branch) - c1679-death, with fifth husband
John Lake, III & Martinah (lnu) (Williamson branch) - c1720-c1740, before NJ
Minne J. Mineola & Rensje Fedders (Williamson branch) - c1663-deaths
Johannes Polhemius & Catharina VanderWerven (Williamson branch) - c1654-deaths, from Brazil
Hendrick Rycken & Eytje Jacobs (Williamson branch) - c1666-deaths
Garret Janse Snedeker & Willemptje Fockes (TenEyck branch) - c1661-deaths
Jan Snedeker & Annetje Ruys (TenEyck branch) - c1640-deaths
Jacob Hendrickse Suydam & Seytje Jacobs (Williamson branch) - c1694-deaths
Paulus VanderBeek, Sr. & Maria Thomase Baddie (TenEyck branch) - c1644-deaths
Cornelius Jansen VanderVeer & Tryntje DeManderville (TenEyck branch) - 1667/8-deaths
Jan Cornelius VanderVeer & Femmetje Bergen (TenEyck branch) - 1695-deaths
Reynier A. VanHengel & Jannetje A. VanNuyse (Williamson branch) - c1666-deaths
Aucke Janse VanNuyse & Magdalena Pieterse (Williamson branch) - c1645-deaths
Roelof L. VanVoorhees & Helena Stoothoff (Williamson branch) - c1714-c1720, before NJ
Garret Clausen Veghte & Jannetje Crocheron (Williamson branch) - c1682-her death
Claes Arentson Veghte & Lammetje (lnu) (Williamson branch) - c1660=deaths
Willem Gerritsen & Mary (lnu) (Williamson branch) - c1659-his death, from Bermuda
Roelof M. Schenck & Annetje P. Wyckoff (Williamson branch) - c1675-deaths
Gerret E. Stoothoff & Johanna Nevius (Williamson branch) - c1684-deaths
Elbert E. Stoothoff & Aeltje C. Cool (Williamson branch) - c1645-deaths
Hans J. VanNostrand & Jannecken G. VanLoon (Williamson branch) - c1652-deaths
Martin Schenck VanNydeck (Williamson branch) - c1650-death, as widower
Jan L. VanVoorhees & Mayke R. Schenck (Williamson branch) - c1704-c1730, before NJ
Lucas S. VanVoorhees & Catherine VanNostrand (Williamson branch) - c1671-her death
Lucas S. VanVoorhees & Jannetje Minnes Mineola (Williamson branch) - c1689-deaths
Steven C. VanVoorhees & Willemptje R. Seubering (Williamson branch) - c1660-deaths
Garret Pieterse Wyckoff & Catherine Nevius (Williamson branch) - c1691-deaths
Pieter C. Wyckoff & Grietje VanNess (Williamson branch) - c1650-deaths, from Albany
Claes C. Bording & Susanna Vreught (TenEyck branch) - c1649-deaths
Cornelis Cregier & Annetje Bording (TenEyck branch) - c1675-deaths
Marten Cregier & Lysbeth Jans (TenEyck branch) - c1638-deaths
Nicholas Dally & Elizabeth Cregier (TenEyck branch) - c1702-c1718, before NJ
Abraham DeLaNoy & Maria Lubberts (Williamson branch) - c1651-deaths
Focke Jansen & Grietje Hendricks (TenEyck branch) - c1660-his death
Frederick Jansen & Grietje Jans (Williamson branch) - c1651-deaths, from Brazil
Johannes Nevius & Ariaentje Bleyck (Williamson branch) - c1653-his death
Hendrick Obee & Aeltje Claes (TenEyck branch) - c1650-her death
Joris Rapalje & Catalyntje Trico (both branches) - c1626-c1639, from Albany, before Wallabout
Daniel Richou & Catherine VanderBeek (TenEyck branch) - c1661-deaths
John Seales (TenEyck branch) - c1638-death, from MA, with 2nd wife
Marritje Simons (TenEyck branch) - c1645-death
Teuntje Straitsman (both branches) - c1657-death, from Brazil, with 4th husband
Coenraet TenEyck & Maria Boele (TenEyck branch) - c1650-deaths
Hendrick Tomassen & Elsje Martense (Williamson branch) - c1640-deaths
Claes Cornelisze VanSchouwen (TenEyck branch) - c1637-death, as widower
Samuel Groendyke & Maria Verkerk (Williamson branch) - c1720-deaths
Claes C. Smit & Geertruyd J. Willekens (Williamson branch) - c1653-her death
Thomas Janse VanDyke & Seytje Dircks (Williamson branch) - c1652-deaths
Jan Thomasen VanDyke & Tryntje Achias Haegen (Williamson branch) - c1652-deaths
Johannes VanNuys & Ariantje Wyckoff (Williamson branch) - c1716-c1727, before NJ
Jacobus A. VanNuyse & Maria Willemse Cornel (Williamson branch) - c1685-deaths
Teunis Jansen Lanen VanPelt & Grietje Jans (Williamson branch) - c1663-deaths
Roelof Janse Verkerk & Catherine Simons (Williamson branch) - c1681-deaths
Jan Jansen Verkerk & Mayke Gysberts (Williamson branch) - c1663-deaths
Thomas Armitage & Susan Mitchell (Williamson branch) - c1653-deaths
Garrett Snedeker & Crisstreinea Lequeur (TenEyck branch) - c1726-deaths
John Snedeker & Leah Simonson (TenEyck branch) - c1755-c1760, before NJ
Jan Snedeker & Hilletje Herckse Kronkheyt (TenEyck branch) - c1692-deaths
Daniel Whitehead, Sr. & (fnu) Armitage (Williamson branch) - c1656-deaths
Peter Buckelew, Sr. & Annetje Fredrex (Williamson branch) - c1673-c1680, before NJ
Cornelis Corssen & Maritje J. VanderGrift (Williamson branch) - c1680-deaths
Jean Crocheron & Mary (lnu) (Williamson branch) - c1670-deaths
Jehan Dally & Elizabeth Obee (TenEyck branch) - c1668-deaths
Jean Dailly & Marguerite Madou (TenEyck branch) - c1642-deaths
Joris Hoagland & Catherine Richou (TenEyck branch) - c1689- his death; she moved to NJ
Dirck C. Hoochlandt & Elizabeth J. Rapalje (TenEyck branch) - c1680-deaths
Jan Petersen Staats & Catherina Corssen (Williamson branch) - c1685-deaths
Arent T. VanHengel & Tryntje Reynders (Williamson branch) - c1653-deaths
Garret Veghte & Elizabeth Barkalow (Williamson branch) - c1735-c1740, before NJ
Jan Veghte & Cornelia Staats (Williamson branch) - c1714-deaths
Cors Pietersen Vroom & Tryntje Hendrickse (Williamson branch) - c1640-deaths
Teunis Gysbertse Bogaert & Sara J. Rapalje (TenEyck branch) - c1654-deaths
Joris Rapalje & Catalyntje Trico (both branches) - c1639-deaths, from New Amsterdam
Jan T. VanMiddleswart & Catlyntje T. Bogaert (TenEyck branch) - c1679-c1700, before NJ
Joris P. VanNest & Maritje R. VanHengel (Williamson branch) - c1698-c1701, before NJ
Pieter VanNest & Judith Rapalje (Williamson branch) - c1652-his death; she moved to NJ



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