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Our colonial ancestors lived originally on the eastern seaboard, mainly in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia and North Carolina. Following the Revolutionary War, all but the Dutch migrated to the midwestern states of Kentucky, Tennessee, Ohio and Indiana. Ogden and Skipworth branch homesteaders proceeded across the Mississippi River, as did the Sachse and Nelson branch immigrants. Our tree contains no ancestors at all from the deep South or West, and few who lived in New England. See the pertinent maps for detailed information.

The second generation of our known ACREE ancestors moved south from Virginia on the "Fall Line Road" or "Kings Highway" (the two early colonial trails south into North Carolina), and settled in Bertie County, in the northeast corner of the state. Two generations later, Grandfather Acree's grandparents moved to Montgomery County in northwest Tennessee, bordering Kentucky. Through the years, the early Acrees married into the Hayes, Marshall, Tinsley and Waugh families - connected with the Bronaugh, Campbell, Carter, Freeman, Harrison, Newton, Peyton, Talbott, and other colonial Virginia families.

Our SACHSE (and Ahrenholz) ancestors, after their 1864 arrival in New York from Germany, proceeded directly to the St. Louis area, where Grandmother Sachse and her mother were born.

Our immigrant HOOVER ancestor moved his family from Lancaster County in southern Pennsylvania to Carroll County, Maryland, and then Randolph County, North Carolina, presumably taking the "Upper Road," a popular wagon route into the central Carolinas. The next generation migrated to Montgomery County, in southwestern Ohio, and the next generation further west to the Miami/Fulton county area of Indiana, where Grandfather Hoover and his father were born. In the course of their moves, the Hoovers married into the Albright, Cook, Curtis, Harden, Mast and Shrofe families, all having origins in Pennsylvania.

Our OGDEN forebearers moved from the Albany/Ulster county areas of New York into Pickaway and Fayette counties in Ohio (just east of Montgomery County), presumably taking the well-travelled "National" or "Cumberland" Road, which became America's most heavily travelled route to the west. Grandmother Ogden was born in central Kansas, when her parents, as well as her grandparents and great-grandmother, homesteaded there. The Ogdens married into the Alkire, Carr, Chew, Graham, Hornbeck, Jones and Wynn families, with origins in New York, Virginia, Maryland and Delaware.

The second generation of our known SKIPWORTH ancestors, then using the surname Skipper, moved from Virginia to Onslow County in southeastern North Carolina, presumably taking the "Kings Highway" near the coast. Two generations later, our Skippers moved to Maury County in western Tennessee. The next generation moved north into Muhlenberg County, Kentucky, where they, for some reason, modified their surname. Grandfather Skipworth was born in New Madrid County in southeastern Missouri after his parents and grandparents migrated there by boat from Kentucky, down the Ohio and Mississippi rivers. The Skipworths married into the Hawkins, Staples, Taylor, Turner and Wolfe families, having origins in Virginia and Pennsylvania.

Grandmother NELSON was born in Iowa. Her father came there after immigrating from Sweden. Her mother was born in Louisiana to German-immigrant parents, who soon followed the Mississippi River north to Davenport, Iowa.

Our TENEYCK branch originated in New York and moved to the Dutch-settled Hunterdon, Somerset and Middlesex counties of New Jersey a few decades after the English takeover of New York. The TenEycks married into the Brokaw, Bunn, Dalley, DeMott, Dumont, Snedeker, Stillwell and Davis families, who also left New York for New Jersey.

Our WILLIAMSON branch also originated in New York and moved to those New Jersey counties. The Williamsons married into the Allen, Buckelew, DeHart, Denton, Gilliland, Groendyke, Oppie, Pumyea, Suydam, Veghte, Voorhees and Wilson families, who were also from New York.




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