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Most of our ancestors were farmers. Those owning small plots of land were called yeomen, while those owning large estates were known as landowners or planters. Farmers sometimes had other primary or secondary employment. Some men had two or more vocations - simultaneously or serially.

With few exceptions, our female ancestors, like most women historically, were generally homemakers, often with large families to raise.

Our four grandfathers, coincidentally, all left farms, seeking professional opportunity, at the turn of the 20th Century.

Here is a list of our ancestors' recorded non-farming occupations:

Patrick Spence (Acree branch) Attorney for Westmoreland Co.
Joos VanHoornbeck (Ogden branch) Solicitor
Johannes VanderHeyden, Jr. (Ogden branch) Lawyer
Christian Heinrich Ahrenholz (Sachse branch) Blacksmith
Heinrich Friedrich Ahrenholz (Sachse branch) Blacksmith
Johann Andreas Gabriel Ahrenholz (Sachse branch) Blacksmith
Dirck DeMott - born 1684 (TenEyck branch) Blacksmith
Jacomiah Denton (Williamson branch) Blacksmith
Hendrick Rycken (Williamson branch) Blacksmith
Claes Claessen Smit (Williamson branch) Blacksmith
Jacob Hendrickse Suydam (Williamson branch) Blacksmith
George Williamson (Williamson branch) Blacksmith
Gottlieb Barthel (Sachse branch) Brewer
Jacob Cook, Sr. (Hoover branch) Owned first distillery in Wellersburg PA
Cornelis Hendrick VanNess (Williamson branch) Brewer opposite Ft. Orange
Roger James, Jr. (Acree branch) Brewer in London
Steven Coerte VanVoorhees (Williamson branch) Brewer in Flatlands
James Walter Acree (Acree branch) Insurance salesman
Joab Cotton Acree (Acree branch) Hatter
Isaac Allerton, Sr. (Acree branch) Founded Plymouth trading and fishing industry
Albert Andriessen Bradt (Ogden branch) Sawmill operator
Ancell Carter, Sr. (Acree branch) Merchant
William Gorsuch (Acree branch) Merchant
John Hall (Acree branch) Merchant
Charles Guy Hoover, Sr. (Hoover branch) Founder of Educational Music Bureau
William Oppie, Sr. (Williamson branch) Co-Owner of Rocky Hill Copper Mine
Cornelis Petersson (Williamson branch) Merchant trader
Samuel Winfield Skipworth (Skipworth branch) Dealer in tin, iron and hardware
Vonce DeLeon Skipworth (Skipworth branch) Owner of meat-packing company
Garret Snedeker (TenEyck branch) Owned general store in Hempstead, Long Island
Nicholas Stillwell, I (TenEyck branch) Lumberman
Elbert Elbertse Stoothoff (Williamson branch) Owned general store
Richard Thompson, Jr. (Acree branch) Fur trader with Indians
Thomas Willoughby, Sr. (Acree branch) Merchant
William H. Wolfe (Skipworth branch) Dry goods merchant
Johan Christian Albrecht, Sr. (Hoover branch) Wagon maker
Rudolph Barthel (Sachse branch) Shoemaker
Casper Berger (TenEyck branch) Stone mason
Cornelis Adriaens Bleyck (Williamson branch) Mason
John Conkling (Williamson branch) Glassmaker
George Cook - born 1811 (Hoover branch) Scale builder
Samuel Denton (Williamson branch) Carpenter
Johann Conrad Dieffenbach, Jr. (Ogden branch) Cooper
Heinrich Hartung (Sachse branch) Carpenter
Johann Christian Wilhelm Helwig (Sachse branch) Factory worker
Richard Higgins (Williamson branch) Tailor
Warnaar Hornbeck (Ogden branch) Wagon maker
Johann Heinrich Huber (Hoover branch) Linen weaver
Frederick Jansen (Williamson branch) Ship carpenter
Herck S. Kronkheyt (TenEyck branch) Ship carpenter
Jean LeFevre (Williamson branch) Weaver
Thomas Marshall - born 1660 (Acree branch) Carpenter
Albert Ogden (Ogden branch) Cooper
Joris Janszen Rapalje (TenEyck & Williamson branches) Thread maker
Jean Rapallier (TenEyck & Williamson branches) Weaver
Frederick Wilhelm Sachse (Sachse branch) Carpenter
Wilhelm Sachse (Sachse branch) Carpenter
Gerdt Schnittker (TenEyck branch) Shoemaker
Nathan Skipper (Skipworth branch) Cooper
Jan Snedeker - born c1610 (TenEyck branch) Shoemaker
John Burton Staples (Skipworth branch) Wagon maker
Coenraet TenEyck (TenEyck branch) Shoemaker and Tanner
Jan Teunisen (Ogden branch) Boat builder
Evert Anthonius VanderGrift (Williamson branch) Tailor
Jacob Tyssen VanderHeyden (Ogden branch) Tailor
Pieter Pieterse VanNest (Williamson branch) Carpenter
Aucke Janse VanNuyse (Williamson branch) Carpenter
Adam Alkire, Sr. (Ogden branch) School teacher
Charles Guy Hoover (Hoover branch) Music director at Arizona & Kansas universities
Alexander Noah Hoover (Hoover branch) School teacher during the winters of 1871-79
Per Nilsson (Nelson branch) School teacher
Johan Theodor Polhemius (Williamson branch) School master
Jeremiah S. TenEyck (TenEyck branch) School teacher
Nancy Peyton Waugh (Acree branch) School teacher
Emma Adele Williamson (Williamson branch) School teacher
Cornelis Diercksen Hoochlandt (TenEyck branch) Ran ferry to Brooklyn
Johannes Nevius (Williamson branch) Inaugurated service to Brooklyn in 1670
Teunis Jansen Lanen VanPelt (Williamson branch) Fisherman
Isaac Allerton, Jr. (Acree branch) Burgess
William Barne (Acree branch) Burgess
Jean Dailly (TenEyck branch) Member of New York Assembly
Edward Dale (Acree branch) Burgess
Thomas Higgins (Williamson branch) NJ Assemblyman & Overseer of roads
David E. Hoover (Hoover branch) Ohio Legislator from Montgomery Co.
Christopher Neale, Sr. (Acree branch) Burgess
Richard Neale (Acree branch) Burgess
Valentine Peyton (Acree branch) Burgess
Peter Presly, Sr. (Acree branch) Burgess
William Presly, Sr. (Acree branch) Burgess
Henry Skipwith (Acree branch) Member of Parliament
Alexander Spence (Acree branch) Burgess
Thomas Todd, Sr. (Acree branch) Burgess
Daniel Whitehead, Jr. (Williamson branch) Representative in colonial assembly
Casper Berger (TenEyck branch) Gristmill owner
Benjamin Berryman, Sr. (Acree branch) Gristmill owner
John Berryman (Acree branch) Gristmill owner
John Budd (Ogden branch) Gristmill proprietor
George Cook, Sr. (Hoover branch) Gristmill and sawmill owner
Andrew Hoover, Sr. (Hoover branch) Gristmill owner
Georg Huber (Hoover branch) Owner of Neuenstein mill, now converted to 'Gasthaus zum Baeren'
Richard Hull (Williamson branch) Miller
John Ogden - born 1635-38 (Ogden branch) Worked at father-in-law's mill in Rye NY
Matthew Peatross, II (Acree branch) Mill owner
Roelof Martinse Schenck (Williamson branch) Mill owner
John Burton Staples (Skipworth branch) Owned cotton gin and first grist mill in Muhlenberg
Elbert Elbertse Stoothoff (Williamson branch) Mill owner
Cornelius VanderVeer (TenEyck branch) Miller
Dirck Westbrook (Ogden branch) Flour mill owner
Hendrick Hendricksen Obee (TenEyck branch) New Amsterdam City Drummer
Isaac Allerton, Sr. (Acree branch) Assistant Governor for Plymouth Colony
Isaac Allerton, Jr. (Acree branch) Justice of the Peace
Benjamin Berryman, Sr. (Acree branch) Justice of the Peace & Sheriff
Thomas Bronaugh, Sr. (Acree branch) Justice & Sheriff
Thomas Browne (Acree branch) Commissioner & High Sheriff
Peter Buckelew, Jr. (Williamson branch) Constable of Perth Amboy
Peter Buckelew, III (Williamson branch) Constable of Perth Amboy
William Gelyamse Cornel (Williamson branch) Magistrate in Flatbush
Cornelis Corssen (Williamson branch) Brooklyn Constable & Richmond Justice of the Peace
Edward Dale (Acree branch) Sheriff & Justice
Anthony DeHooges (Ogden branch) Business-manager and Secretary of Rensselaerwyck colony
Michael Dieffenbach (Ogden branch) Court recorder
Wallerand Dumont (TenEyck branch) Magistrate in Esopus
William Goulder - born 1613 (Williamson branch) Gravesend town clerk
Joachim Gulick (Williamson branch) Overseer
Burr Harrison (Acree branch) Justice
Peter Hayes, II (Acree branch) Envoy to West Indies in 1640
David E. Hoover (Hoover branch) Justice of the Peace of Randolph Twp. for 15 years
Georg Huber (Hoover branch) Deputy sheriff in Lensburg
Hans Huber (Hoover branch) Deputy sheriff in Oberkulm
John Lake, Sr. (Williamson branch) Constable in Gravesend
Christopher Neale (Acree branch) Justice
Daniel Neale - born 1620 (Acree branch) Constable
Richard Neale (Acree branch) Justice
Johannes Nevius (Williamson branch) Third Secretary of New Amsterdam
Valentine Peyton (Acree branch) Justice
William Presly, Sr. (Acree branch) Justice
Joris Janszen Rapalje (TenEyck & Williamson branches) Magistrate of Brooklyn
Matthew Rodham (Acree branch) Justice
Roelof Martinse Schenck (Williamson branch) Magistrate, Sheriff, Justice of the Peace
Garret Janse Snedeker (TenEyck branch) Overseer of Flatbush
Jan Snedeker - born c1610 (TenEyck branch) Magistrate in Midwout
Alexander Spence (Acree branch) Sheriff
Thomas Spicer (Williamson branch) Magistrate
Jacob Hendrickse Suydam (Williamson branch) Supervisor in Flatbush
Jeremiah S. TenEyck (TenEyck branch) Readington town clerk
Jan Teunisen (Ogden branch) First sheriff of Brooklyn
Steven Coerte VanVoorhees (Williamson branch) Magistrate of Flatlands
Johannes VanderHeyden, Jr. (Ogden branch) Constable
Anthony Waters, Sr. (Williamson branch) Jamaica town clerk
Richard Waugh (Acree branch) First postmaster of Dickson Co., Tennessee
Daniel Whitehead, Jr. (Williamson branch) Magistrate
Daniel Whitehead, Sr. (Williamson branch) Magistrate
Nelson Stryker Williamson (Williamson branch) Tax Collector for N. Brunswick Twp.
Peter Claesen Wyckoff (Williamson branch) Magistrate of Flatlands
William Brewster (Acree branch) Pilgrims' Elder
Richard Denton, III (Williamson branch) Founder of American Presbyterian Church
John Gorsuch (Acree branch) Rector at Walkhorne
John Higgins (Williamson branch) Church of England minister
Joseph Hull (Williamson branch) Church of England minister
Johannes Neeff, Jr. (Williamson branch) Dutch Reformed minister
Henry Patton, Jr. (Ogden branch) Minister in Donegal
William Patton (Ogden branch) Minister in Donegal
Johannes Theodorus Polhemius (Williamson branch) Dutch Reformed minister
Theodor Polhemius (Williamson branch) Minister in the Palatinate
John Waugh (Acree branch) First rector of Overwharton Church
Samuel Berry (Ogden branch) Family doctor
Richard Cording (Acree branch) Surgeon
Samuel Demourval (Acree branch) Physician
Thomas Foster, Sr. (Acree branch) Physician
John DeMott TenEyck - born 1866 (TenEyck branch) Family doctor
Pieter Vreught (TenEyck branch) Surgeon
Paulus VanderBeek, Sr. (TenEyck branch) Surgeon
John Wynne - born 1635 (Ogden branch) Family doctor
Claes Claeszen Bording (TenEyck branch) Sea captain
Albert Andriessen Bradt (Ogden branch) Mariner
Gelyam Cornelise (Williamson branch) Sea captain
Jean Dailly (TenEyck branch) West India Co. mariner
Peter Hayes, I (Acree branch) Sea captain
Frederick Lubbertsen (Williamson branch) Mariner
John Newton, Sr. (Acree branch) Mariner
Jacob Leendertsen VanderGrift (Williamson branch) West India Co. mariner
Cors Pietersen Vroom (Williamson branch) Boatman & Pilot on Hudson River
Joris Hoagland (TenEyck branch) Surveyor of highways
David E. Hoover (Hoover branch) Prospector for land in Ohio
Matthew Peatross, II (Acree branch) Surveyor in Caroline Co.
John Skipper - born c1785 (Skipworth branch) Supervised TN road project in 1820's
Alexander Spence (Acree branch) Westmoreland County surveyor
Casper Berger (TenEyck branch) Tavern keeper
Jacob Cook, Sr. (Hoover branch) Owned first tavern in Wellersburg PA
Marten Cregier (TenEyck branch) Tavern keeper
Orseltje Dircks (Ogden & TenEyck branches) Operated taverns/inns with husband in NY
Benjamin Hull (Williamson branch) Owned Tavern/Inn in Piscataway
Lewis Markham (Acree branch) Tavern keeper
Swan Peter Nelson (Nelson branch) Saloon keeper
Jonathan Ogden - born c1700 (Ogden branch) Owned Black Horse Inn in NYC
Jonathan Ogden - born c1724 (Ogden branch) Inn keeper
William Oppie, Jr. (Williamson branch) Inn keeper
Joris Janszen Rapalje (TenEyck & Williamson branches) Tavern keeper
Nancy Redinger (Nelson branch) Boarding house manager
Jan Snedeker - born c1610 (TenEyck branch) Tavern keeper
Anthony Jansen Westbrook (Ogden branch) Tavern/inn keeper at Beverwyck and Flatbush


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