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Our German and Swiss ancestors came to America at three distinct times, before the German nation itself was formed:

  1. In the mid-17th century, under Dutch auspices - Ogden, TenEyck and Williamson branches
  2. In the early 18th century, mainly from the Rhenish Palatinate area - Hoover branch
  3. In the mid-19th century, from the duchies of Brunswick (Braunschweig) and Anhalt-Dessau - Sachse branch; and from Baden-Wurttemberg - Nelson branch

The IMMIGRATION page lists our German and Swiss ancestors' arrivals in America. The enlarged map below shows where they and their forebears lived earlier, with approximate years of residence - dating in the case of individuals from his/her year of birth and in the case of couples from their arrival at a location or marriage there. Some moves are indicated, but complexity has been minimized by focusing on primary residences.


Marie Faist (Nelson branch) - birthplace, before emigration
Johann Gottlieb Faist & Eva Catharina Bruster (Nelson branch) - births 1800/1798-deaths
Gottlieb Faist & Christina Haist (Nelson branch) - births c1775/1779-deaths
Karlsruhe (on Rhineland-Palatinate border)
Jacob Sink (Hoover branch) - birthplaces, before emigration
Johan Christoph Sprecher & Maria E. Beck (Hoover branch) - birthplaces, before emigration
Joseph Redinger, Sr. (Nelson branch) - birthplace, before emigration
Xaver Riedinger & Katharina Fischer (Nelson branch) - births c1780/1790-deaths
Marie Broucard (Williamson branch) - ethnically Belgian, birthplace, before emigration
Bourgon Broucard & Catherine LeFevre (Williamson branch) - ethnically Belgian, 1666-1672, before emigration
Jean LeFevre & Jeanne L'Emond (Williamson branch) - ethnically Belgian, c1650-deaths
Mockmuhl, Neckarbishofsheim & Reigheim (all near Rohrbach)
Joerg Adam Albrecht & Eva Barbara Friedel (Hoover branch) - births-1751, before emigration on same ship
Joseph Albrecht & Maria Margaretha (lnu) (Hoover branch) - c1730-deaths
Hans Georg Friedel & Maria Ursula Reichert (Hoover branch) - 1706-deaths
Johan Conrad Friedel & Maria Catherina Kramer (Hoover branch) - 1735-1751, before his emigration
Julian Kramer & Maria Margaretha (lnu) (Hoover branch) - c1710-deaths
Hans Conrad Reichert (Hoover branch) - birth-death, in 17th century
Rohrbach (near Sinsheim & Steinsfurt)
Anna Margaret Pfautz (Hoover branch) - 1722-1727, before emigration with parents at the age of five
Jacob Pfautz & Anna Magdalena Kuntz (Hoover branch) - c1719-c1726, before emigration
Elizabeth Dieffenbach (Ogden branch) - c1705-1710, before emigration
Johann Conrad Dieffenbach, Jr. & Maria Barbara Christler (Ogden branch) - c1702-1710, before emigration
Johann Conrad Dieffenbach, Sr. & Anna (lnu) (Ogden branch) - c1655-his death
Johan Michael Ernst Harness, Sr. (Ogden branch) - c1700-c1724, before emigration
Ludwig Ernst Hoerner (Ogden branch) - c1670-1710, before emigration
BAVARIA (Bayern)
Peter Rucker (Acree branch) - c1688-c1690, before emigration
John Rucker (Acree branch) - c1640-death
Jurian Haff (TenEyck branch) - c1618-c1645, before emigration to Brazil
George Harmon (Hoover branch) - 1710-1725, before emigration
Johan Michael Harmon & Kundigunda Regis (Hoover branch) - c1700-deaths
BREMEN (independent state)
Paulus VanderBeek, Sr. (TenEyck branch) - 1623-c1644, before emigration
HAMBURG (independent state)
Orseltje Dircks (Ogden & TenEyck branches) - c1635-c1650, birthplace
Joachim Gulick (Williamson branch) - c1652-1653, birthplace
Hendrick Gulick & Geertruyd Willekens (Williamson branch) - c1646-1653, before emigration
HESSE (Hessen)
Martin Dieffenbach & Maria Rubesamen (Ogden branch) - c1629-deaths
Michael Dieffenbach & Elia (lnu) (Ogden branch) - c1590-deaths
John Rubesamen & Elia (lnu) (Ogden branch) - c1610-deaths
LOWER SAXONY (Niedersachsen)
Swantje Jans (Williamson branch) - c1605-c1626, birthplace
Hannover (then within the Kingdom of Hannover)
Annetje Barents VonRottmer (Ogden branch) - 1608-c1632, before emigration with parents
Barent VonRottmer & Gysje Barents (Ogden branch) - she from Schleswig-Holstein, c1608-his death & her emigration
Gerdt Schnittker (TenEyck branch) - c1580-death
Wieda (then within the Duchy of Braunschweig/Brunswick)
Heinrich Friedrich Ahrenholz & Caroline C. Friederike Helwig (Sachse branch) - 1859-1864, before emigration
Christian Heinrich Ahrenholz & Johanna Auguste Margarete Hartung (Sachse branch) - c1825-deaths
Johann Andreas Gabriel Ahrenholz & (fnu) Probst (Sachse branch) - c1800-deaths
Heinrich Hartung & Anna Margarethe Pfeiffer (Sachse branch) - c1800-deaths
Zorge (then within the Duchy of Braunschweig/Brunswick)
Johann Christian Wilhelm Helwig & Dorothee Henriette Elisabeth Rakel (Sachse branch) - c1835-deaths
Joachem Keteluyn (Ogden branch) - c1633-1642, before emigration
NORTH RHINE-WESTPHALIA (Nordrhein-Westfalen)
Marten Cregier & Lysbeth Jans (TenEyck branch) - c1638-c1643, birthplace
Maria Becx (Williamson branch) - c1600-c1625, birthplace
Peter Becx & Gertrud Diepenbroucks (Williamson branch) - c1600-deaths
Tobias Boele & Margrieta VanApperloo (TenEyck branch) - c1605-c1640, from Belgium before Netherlands
Coenraet TenEyck & Maria Boele (TenEyck branch) - 1617/1622 - c1640, birthplaces
Wilhelm TenEyck & Michel Puitzen (TenEyck branch) - c1614-deaths
Andrew Hoover, Sr. (Hoover branch) - 1723-1738, before emigration at the age of fifteen
Gregor Jonas Huber & Anna Maria Kreuzer (Hoover branch) - c1698-deaths, from Switzerland
Johann Heinrich Huber & Maria Margaretta Hoffman (Hoover branch) - c1675-deaths, from Switzerland
Niederhochstadt (near Ellerstadt)
Jacob Prescher (Hoover branch) - before emigration
Oberalben (near Ellerstadt)
Philip Leibengut (Hoover branch) - birthplace, before emigration
John Henry Shoaf, Sr. (Hoover branch) - birthplace, before emigration
Johannes Theodorus Polhemius (Williamson branch) - 1598-1624, before emigration to Netherlands & Brazil
Johan Theodor Polhemius (Williamson branch) - c1570-death
Theodor Polhemius & (fnu) Hammerstein (Williamson branch) - c1570-deaths
SAXONY-ANHALT (Sachsen-Anhalt)
Jessnitz (then within the Duchy of Anhalt-Dessau)
Andraes Balthasar Athenstedt & Anna Marie Inschin (Sachse branch) - c1710-deaths
Christoph Maul & Maria Louisa Buechert (Sachse branch) - c1740-deaths
Johann Gottfried Zwarg & Anna Catharina Marie Athenstedt (Sachse branch) - c1740-deaths
Raguhn (then within the Duchy of Anhalt-Dessau)
Gottlieb Barthel & Henriette Christiane Zwarg (Sachse branch) - c1825-deaths
Rudolph Barthel & Henriette Friedericke Biermann (Sachse branch) - c1775-deaths
Johann Gottfried Friedel & Dorothea Louisa Koch (Sachse branch) - c1765-deaths
Frederick Wilhelm Sachse (Sachse branch) - 1863-1864, before emigration at the age of one
Friedrich Wilhelm Sachse & Johanne Sophie Friedericke Barthel (Sachse branch) - 1854-1864, before emigration
Wilhelm Sachse & Maria Andreae (Sachse branch) - c1825-deaths
Johann Gottfried Zwarg & Christiane Friedericke Friedel (Sachse branch) - c1800-deaths
Johann Paul Zwarg & Dorothea Louise Maul (Sachse branch) - c1765-deaths
Jan Pietersen Staats & Elsje Pieterse (Williamson branch) - 1629-c1637, before emigration
Nordstrand Island
Hans Jansen VanNostrand (Williamson branch) - 1605-1639, before emigration
Jan VanNostrand (Williamson branch) - c1591-death


Gdansk (Danzig when it was part of Germany)
Daniel Richou (TenEyck branch) - c1640-c1660, before emigration


Johann Heinrich Huber & Maria Margaretta Hoffman (Hoover branch) - c1633-c1675, before moving to Germany
Georg Huber (Hoover branch) - c1610-death
Hans Huber (Hoover branch) - c1580-death
Hans Jacob Christler (Ogden branch) - c1630-death
Guggisberg (just south of Bern)
John Mast, Sr. (Hoover branch) - 1740-1750, before emigration
(fnu) Mast & ? (Hoover branch) - c1734-deaths
Hans Mast & Anna Mischler (Hoover branch) - 1693-deaths
Uli Mast & Elsi Beyeler (Hoover branch) - 1661-deaths
Peter Mast & Anna Zwahlen (Hoover branch) - 1629-deaths
Hans Mast & Elsa Alben (Hoover branch) - c1595-deaths


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