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Most of the identified immigrant ancestors in the Acree and Ogden branches of our family tree came from the United Kingdom and Ireland, as did many ancestors in the TenEyck and Williamson branches who married into Dutch families. Early ancestors in the Skipworth branch had English surnames, but nothing is known of their specific origins.

The IMMIGRATION page lists our English/Irish/Scotch ancestors' arrivals in America, mostly in the mid-17th century.

The enlarged map below shows where they and their forebears lived earlier, with approximate years of residence - dating in the case of individuals from his/her year of birth and in the case of couples from their arrival at a location or marriage there. Some moves are indicated, but complexity has been minimized by focusing on primary residences.


Thomas Anscell & Elizabeth Wheatley (Acree branch) - c1551-deaths
Edward Anscell & Wethlyan Powell (Acree branch) - c1518-deaths
Thomas Carter, Sr. (Acree branch) - 1631-1650, before emigration
Ancell Carter, Sr. & Jane Myles (Acree branch) - c1617-deaths
William Carter, Jr. & Mary Anscell (Acree branch) - 1575-deaths
William Carter, Sr. & Elizabeth Cranfield (Acree branch) - c1540-deaths
Thomas Carter & Em (lnu) (Acree branch) - c1510-deaths
William Glover Cranfield & Katherine Cranfield (Acree branch) - 1512-deaths
John Myles (Acree branch) - c1572-deaths
Robert Wheatley & Catherine Fyssher (Acree branch) - c1525-deaths
Jane Hulet (TenEyck branch) - c1625-c1645, before emigration
William Evans (Ogden branch) - 1621-c1645, before emigration
Peter Hayes, II (Acree branch) - c1600-c1640, before emigration
John Hayes & Elizabeth Starkey (Acree branch) - 1563-deaths
Thomas Hayes & Elenor Spurstowe (Acree branch) - c1535-deaths
James Smallwood (Ogden branch) - 1639-c1660, before emigration
Matthew Smallwood & Ann Whittington (Ogden branch) - c1630-c1650, before emigration
William Oppie, Sr. (Williamson branch) - c1695-c1720, before emigration
John Waugh (Acree branch) - c1630-1667, before emigration
John Berryman (Acree branch) - 1617-c1654, before emigration
Richard Foster (Acree branch) - 1619-1635, before emigration
Robert Foster, Jr. & (fnu) Isham (Acree branch) - c1608-deaths
Robert Foster, Sr. (Acree branch) - c1569-death
John Isham & Elizabeth Barker (Acree branch) - c1580-deaths
Geoffrey Todd & Margaret (lnu) (Acree branch) - c1615-deaths
William Todd & Mary (lnu) (Acree branch) - c1585-deaths
John Newton, Jr. (Acree branch) - 1657-c1675, before emigration
John Newton, Sr. & Joan Barr (Acree branch) - c1656-c1665/1672, before her death/his emigration
Thomas Newton & Joan Eyon (Acree branch) - 1635-deaths
Adam Mott (TenEyck branch) - c1621-c1640, before emigration
Elizabeth Fielding (Acree branch) - 1664-c1690, before marriage and emigration
Edward Fielding & Elizabeth Maria Polteney (Acree branch) - 1660-deaths
Roger Fielding & Elizabeth Neale (Acree branch) - c1630-deaths
Basil Fielding & Elizabeth Ashton (Acree branch) - c1600-deaths
William Fielding & Dorothy Lane (Acree branch) - c1580-deaths
GREATER LONDON (including old Middlesex)
Isaac Allerton, Sr. (Acree branch) - c1586-c1610, before temporary refuge in Holland
Edward Allerton & Rose Davis (Acree branch) - 1579-deaths
Henry Barnes (Acree branch) - 1653-c1665, before emigration
William Gorsuch & Alice Hillson (Acree branch) - 1566-deaths
John Hall & Ann Browne (Acree branch) - c1568-deaths
Burr Harrison (Acree branch) - 1637-c1654, before emigration
Cuthbert Harrison & Susanna (lnu) (Acree branch) - c1635-c1654, before emigration
Peter Hayes, I & Margaret Davyes (Acree branch) - 1591-c1635, before emigration
Bartholomew Hoskins & Dorcus (lnu) (Acree branch) - c1625-c1630, before emigration
John Jones & Anna Vassall (Ogden branch) - c1583-deaths
William A. Jones (Ogden branch) - 1635-c1663, before emigration
Richard Partington (Acree branch) - c1600-death
Henry Peyton, Jr. & Ellen Partington (Acree branch) - c1653-1656, before emigration
Henry Peyton, Sr. & Katherine Clifton (Acree branch) - 1620-deaths
Thomas Edward Stevenson & Anna (lnu) (Williamson branch) - births-c1635, before emigration
John Thompson & Dorothy Gilbert (Acree branch) - c1565-deaths
John Ogden & Anne Richardson (Ogden branch) - 1627-1635, before emigration
Thomas Ogden & Elizabeth Samford (Ogden branch) - 1597-deaths
Edward Ogden & Margaret Wilson (Ogden branch) - 1563-deaths
Joseph Richardson (Ogden branch) - c1580-death
John Samford (Ogden branch) - c1550-death
Thomas Clynton & Margery Tracey (Williamson branch) - c1520-deaths
John Gorsuch & Ann Lovelace (Acree branch) - 1628-1649/c1650, before his death/her emigration
Daniel Gorsuch & Alice Hall (Acree branch) - 1599-deaths
Richard Higgins (Williamson branch) - 1603-1623, before emigration
Edward Higgins & Julian Meals (Williamson branch) - 1598-deaths
John Higgins & Elizabeth Clynton (Williamson branch) - 1544-deaths
Christopher Meals & Elizabeth (lnu) (Williamson branch) - c1580-deaths
Thomas Todd, Sr. & Ann Gorsuch (Acree branch) - 1657-c1660, before emigration
William Barne & Anne Sandys (Acree branch) - 1586-deaths
Mark Grant (Williamson branch) - c1600-death
Thomas Kempe, Jr. & Dorothy Thompson (Acree branch) - c1583-deaths
Thomas Kempe, Sr. & Amy Moyle (Acree branch) - 1550-deaths
William Lovelace, V & Ann Barne (Acree branch) - 1610-deaths
William Lovelace, IV & Elizabeth Aucher (Acree branch) - 1580-deaths
Thomas Spicer & Anne Michal Grant (Williamson branch) - 1626-c1638, before emigration
Nicholas Spicer & Martha Grant (Williamson branch) - c1590-deaths
Thomas Willoughby, Sr. (Acree branch) - 1601-c1627, before emigration
Edward Dale & Diana Skipwith (Acree branch) - c1649-c1650, before emigration
Henry Skipwith & Amy Kempe (Acree branch) - c1615-deaths
William Skipwith & Margaret Cave (Acree branch) - c1585-deaths
Henry Skipwith & Jane Hall (Acree branch) - c1562-deaths
John Lake, Sr. (Williamson branch) - c1610-c1645, before emigration
Richard Lake & (fnu) Wardell (Williamson branch) - c1610-deaths
John Prettyman, Sr. (Ogden branch) - c1609-c1638, before emigration
Richard Thompson, Jr. (Acree branch) - c1613-c1631, before emigration
Richard Thompson, Sr. (Acree branch) - c1590-death
Roger Cave & Margaret Cecil (Acree branch) - 1561-deaths
Ralph Grey & Isabel Grey (Acree branch) - c1597-deaths
Robert Hewitt & Hannah (lnu) (Acree branch) - 1626-c1635, before emigration
James Hewitt (Acree branch) - c1578-death
Matthew Rodham (Acree branch) - 1620-1634, before emigration
Edmund Rodham & Margaret Grey (Acree branch) - c1614-deaths
Robert Rodham & Barbara Foster (Acree branch) - c1587-deaths
William Armistead & Anne Ellis (Acree branch) - 1632-c1635, before emigration
Anthony Armistead & Frances Thompson (Acree branch) - 1608-deaths
Roger Armistead & Ephram (lnu) (Acree branch) - c1585-deaths
Robert Colthurst & Dorothy Craw (Ogden branch) - c1600-deaths
Henry Colthurst & Elizabeth Rudd (Ogden branch) - c1560-deaths
William Craw (Ogden branch) - c1580-death
William Metcalf (Ogden branch) - c1545-death
Thomas Tinsley, I & Elizabeth Randolph (Acree branch) - births-c1638, before emigration separately with parents
John Wynne (Ogden branch) - 1635-c1670, before emigration
Richard Wynne & Ann Colthurst (Ogden branch) - c1635-deaths
John Wynne & Ann Daniel (Ogden branch) - c1600-deaths
Richard Wyn & Joan Metcalf (Ogden branch) - c1570-deaths
Francis Wyn & Mary Hodgson (Ogden branch) - c1540-deaths
Fear Brewster (Acree branch) - c1606-c1610, before temporary refuge in Holland
William Brewster & Mary (lnu) (Acree branch) - c1593-1607, before temporary refuge in Holland
John Conkling & Elizabeth Allseabrook (Williamson branch) - 1625-1640, before emigration
Dorothy Conkling (Williamson branch) - c1625-1640, before emigration
Joseph Hull & Agnes Coffin (Williamson branch) - c1634-1635, before emigration
Thomas Hull & Joane Peson (Williamson branch) - 1572-deaths
Richard Hull & Alice (lnu) (Williamson branch) - c1547-deaths
Richard Pesinge & Margery (lnu) (Williamson branch) - c1550-deaths
Charles Sledge (Acree branch) - 1656-1681, before emigration
Richard Sledge, Jr. & Ann (lnu) (Acree branch) - c1655-1681, before emigration
Richard Sledge, Sr. & Mary Cole (Acree branch) - c1630-deaths
Thomas Sledge (Acree branch) - c1580-death
Walter Ashton (Acree branch) - c1559-death
Thomas G. Everard & Agnes Mannock (Williamson branch) - c1576-deaths
Robert Prettyman & Dorothie Goddard (Ogden branch) - c1600-deaths
Thomas Prettyman & Rachel Harwell (Ogden branch) - c1570-deaths
Robert Rose, III (Williamson branch) - c1619-1634, before emigration
Robert Rose, II & Margery Everard (Williamson branch) - c1619-1634, before emigration
Robert Rose, I & Mary Everard (Williamson branch) - c1592-deaths
John Seales (TenEyck branch) - 1594-c1630, before emigration
Roger James, Jr. & Sarah Smith (Acree branch) - 1588-deaths
Nicholas Stillwell, II & Anne VanDyke (TenEyck branch) - births-c1638/c1640, before separate emigration
Nicholas Stillwell, I & Alice (lnu) (TenEyck branch) - c1595-deaths
John Stillwell, II & Joane Parle (TenEyck branch) - 1562-deaths
John Stillwell, I & Joane (lnu) (TenEyck branch) - 1537-deaths
Judith Budd (Ogden branch) - 1636-1637, before emigration
John Budd & Katherine Butcher (Ogden branch) - 1620-1637, before emigration
Richard Butcher & Catherine Hargrave (Ogden branch) - c1585-deaths
Ursula Bysshe (Acree branch) - 1621-c1634, before emigration
William Bysshe & Margaret James (Acree branch) - c1617-deaths
John Bysshe & Mercy Bysshe (Acree branch) - c1582-deaths
Thomas Armitage & Susan Mitchell (Williamson branch) - 1625-c1635, before emigration
Richard Denton, III & Helen Windbank (Williamson branch) - c1625-1635, before emigration
Richard Denton, Jr. & Susan Sibella (Williamson branch) - 1581-deaths
Richard Denton, Sr. & Gennett Banyster (Williamson branch) - 1547-deaths
Daniel Whitehead, Sr. & (fnu) Armitage (Williamson branch) - births-c1644, before emigration
William Daniel (Ogden branch) - c1550-death
William Jones & Margaret Hotchkiss (Ogden branch) - 1568-deaths
Samuel Berry (Ogden branch) - c1664-c1685, before emigration
Thomas Browne (Acree branch) - c1600-c1640, before emigration
Humphrey Clark (Acree branch) - c1620-c1640, before emigration
Richard Cording & Ann Browne (Acree branch) - c1650-c1655, before emigration
Samuel Curtis, Sr. (Hoover branch) - c1720-c1740, before emigration
Robert Flake, Sr. (Acree branch) - 1621-c1640, before emigration
John Freeman, Sr. (Acree branch) - c1650-c1670, before emigration
Thomas Garnett, Sr. (Acree branch) - c1640-c1660, before emigration
John Gilliland (Williamson branch) - c1670-1685, before emigration
Robert Gullock (Acree branch) - c1600-death
Isaac Jackson & Jane Gullock (Acree branch) - c1630-c1650, before emigration separately
Thomas Jackson (Acree branch) - c1600-death
Walter James, Sr. (Acree branch) - 1630-c1660, before emigration
Martin Kennett (Ogden branch) - c1610-death
Lazerus Kenney (Ogden branch) - c1681-c1685, before emigration
William Kenney, Jr. (Ogden branch) - c1662-c1685, before emigration
William Kenney, Sr.& Frances (lnu) (Ogden branch) - c1662-deaths
David Norrie & Bridget (lnu) (Acree branch) - c1630-c1634, before emigration
William Presly, Sr. & Jane Newman (Acree branch) - 1632-c1645, before emigration
William Smith & Magdalena (lnu) (Williamson branch) - c1633-c1635, before emigration
Patrick Spence (Acree branch) - 1634-1657, before emigration
Andrew Waters (Williamson branch) - c1618-c1643, before emigration
Richard Yorke (Williamson branch) - c1610-c1635, before emigration


David Lynn (Ogden branch) - c1640-death
Henry Patton, Jr. & Sarah Lynn (Ogden branch) - c1682-deaths
Henry Patton, Sr. & Margaret (lnu) (Ogden branch) - c1660-deaths
William Patton & Margaret (lnu) (Ogden branch) - c1620-deaths
Lydia Patton (Ogden branch) - 1739-c1745, before emigration
John Patton, Sr. & Mary Sarah Rogers (Ogden branch) - c1725-c1745, before emigration
William Goulder (Williamson branch) - 1613-1635, before emigration
John Marshall & Jane McCarthy (Acree branch) - c1640-c1650, before emigration
Thomas Marshall & Mary Fitzgerald (Acree branch) - c1595-deaths
John Marshall (Acree branch) - c1540-death
Christopher Neale, Sr. (Acree branch) - 1644-1654, before emigration
Daniel Neale & Elinor (lnu) (Acree branch) - 1641-1654, before emigration
William O'Daniel (Acree branch) - 1691-c1717, before emigration


Peter Buckelew, Sr. (Williamson branch) - 1644-c1665, before emigration
William Buckelew (Williamson branch) - 1620-death
John Graham & Margaret Bullock (Ogden branch) - c1760-c1780, before emigration
Jeremiah McKnew, Sr. & Phyllis (lnu) (Ogden branch) - c1660-1668, before emigration


Lewis Markham (Acree branch) - c1636-c1660, before emigration


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